Savin Hill Beach

“The water ripples tickle the hermit crabs curling over my sandy toes. The orange wool contrasts the harbor’s indigo and teal water the way a setting sun sits on the ocean. And the graduating orange tones mimic a sunset. My fingers curl up into the sleeves like a hermit crab withdrawing into its shell. Fall was in the air and salt was in my hair. A beautiful day.

This cozy ombré sweater by the H&M Studio AW 2015 Campaign exudes a retro, and all the same, timeless quality. The oversize winks at sultry and cuddles up to comfort. Oversized knits have been seen in George Barris’s Marilyn Monroe photoshoot on Santa Monica Beach in 1962. Her relaxed garment, wavy hair, and the ultimate vintage vibe of the shoot, inspired PMW to take on a similar feel.”

Mia Zarrella

Outfit by H&M

Text by Mia Zarrella


One thought on “Savin Hill Beach

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